BarXStop Review: Ultrasonic dog training tool

barXstopThere are somethings I don’t regret have spent my money with, and this tool called BarXStop is definitely one of them! Let me tell you why…

I have a beautiful and loving German Shepherd called Tonin. It is a male dog, and he is about 2 years old.

Tonin grew up as non-barking and happy little puppy. But ever since he became a full grown dog, I have to confess he became quite annoying.

The reason is that he just barks at everything… people passing by, cars on street, birds, when we walk inside the house. And of course at cats. He is not a cat friendly dog, and he goes crazy barking when he sees one.

His favorite time to start barking is 6 a.m., and goes on a good minutes. The commotion often wakes up us at the house.  The noise is persistent, at its worst at a time when many people are sleeping, and isn’t reasonable by normal neighborhood standards. 

Any type of barking is hassle by itself, even from tiny little dogs. Now, imagine a full grown German Shepherd barking at full power for a while during the day, several times a day. Well, that is not just annoying, it can drive us crazy at house, and worse, it can make the neighbors mad.

And when barking affect neighbors, it becomes a real problem. In fact, barking dogs can all be nuisances to neighbors and can get you a fine ticket, a lawsuit, and in a extreme scenario, some jail time!

And I did not want any of that, so I had so search for a solution other than giving Tonin away. Sad to say, but I thought about it…

What is BarXStop?

Searching on internet I came across this interesting gadget called BarxStop. I thought it worth trying it, so I bought it online at the official site.

It is a dog training tool that uses a harmless ultrasonic frequency that only dogs can hear it. The sound works on all dogs as it grabs their attention, stops their barking or fighting and seems to calm them down.

barxstop reviews

As a training tool, it’s excellent. The harmless ultrasonic noise stops any dog’s bad behavior immediately!

It is pocket-size, lightweight and has a nice bright LED torch built-in. It’s perfect for dog walks in the park when dark.

It also has a button that uses a different frequency that dogs don’t like. You can use this function to keep unwanted, or aggressive dogs away from you, your dog or your property.

barxstop price

I thought it was very easy to use. All I needed to do was to follow these steps:

1 – With the power off, I selected which mode I wanted to use (positive or negative);

2 – When Tonin barks inappropriately, turn the BarxStop on;

3 – Hold down on the “correct behavior” switch and point the BarxStop towards my dog.

Quite simple as that, and Tonin stops barking immediately!

barxstop review

My opinion about BarXStop

BarxStop worked very well on Tonin and now he barely barks at all. It is easy to use, I don’t need to chase or scream at my dog when he is behaving bad. And is it completely safe for dogs.

As I mentioned, I dont regret at all having BarxStop. It brought me peace of mind, avoided me getting a fine or even a lawsuit for nuisances to neighbors.

I was not aware but trainers use BarXStop to correct unwanted behavior. It works with any dog problem. Barking, being aggressive toward other dogs, digging in the yard, jumping on people, destroying your shoes and sofa, or any other bad behavior your dog might have.

Military dog handlers use it. Vets, Police officers and Delivery people too!


In my opinion, BarxStop is a very good and effective and I do recommend it to anyone that is having issues with his/her dog or even other´s people dogs.

I´ve purchased my BarxStop on the company’s official website. The purchase was made without hassle, quickly and in a very safe environment. The glasses took about 9 days to arrive at my house, and during the delivery process the company provided all information regarding delivery in a timely manner.

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