ClearView Glasses Review: Night Driving Anti-glare Glasses

clearview glasses reviewsWhat is ClearView Glasses? If your job demands you to commute at night or right before dawn, if you are a truck driver that hauls cargo at night time, or if you have similar experiences, you know the glare that comes from vehicles’ headlights.

If you are a person that have sensitive eyes to bright lights in low-light settings, the glare can easily disorient you.

The glare involves safety issues when you travel at night. When traveling in a low-light single road with poor streetlights, the glare from the approaching vehicle can blind you and make you lose control of your car.

This is why nighttime driving glasses are so important. Their lenses have a tinted yellowish hue that protects your eyes from the excessive light that can blind you while you drive your car at night.

My Review About ClearView glasses

I bought my ClearView driving glasses 2 months ago, and I had the chance to drive at night quite few times. Overall I really like my ClearView glasses, I am very happy with it. It indeed makes my sight at night much clear and I feel safer when driving with it.

And safety is specially important for me, because most of the times I drove at night and used my night driving glasses, I had my 5-year-old son with me. And as a mom, it is a relief feeling safer when you have your child in the backseat.

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What did I find interesting on the ClearView glasses:

Comfortable: The design of the ClearView is one-size-fits-all. I feel very comfortable when using it, and the glasses are contoured to fit my ears nicely. I can’t say for sure if these glasses will fit someone with an larger head, but I am sure that they fit the average-sized head just fine.

Full Vision: The protective frame offers full vision coverage, so I have my entire field of vision clear when I´m driving. The coverage is perfect and  encompasses all blind spots.

Anti-glare: I can see the road confidently at night without worrying that even the smallest glare will cause me to struggle seeing the road.
The yellow tint makes everything around me to be more vibrant.

Headaches: I used to suffer from massive headaches when driving at night, and I kinda knew those headaches were caused by my sight struggle. I am specially happy that my vision-enhancing glasses eliminated 80% to 90% of my headaches. Such a relief!


ClearView glasses Features

According to the distributor, the ClearView glasses has the following features:

  • Easy to use with any glasses
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-glare technology
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Polarization

They state that tThe specialized yellow lense tint provides 100% UV protection, as well as it enhances contrast in clarity by blocking the blue light. It´s anti reflecting coating helps block glare and they pass the global traffic light standard for safer and sharper vision at night.”


  • Worth the money: Very nice wrap around glasses. No blind spot in peripheral side vision like some and it is a well built product for the money.
  • Wind protection: I got one as well for my husband, and he loves them as well.  He says they are particularly good for biking because they protect his eyes from the wind.

clearview glasses review


In my opinion, ClearView is a very good and effective night driving glasses. I found the price reasonable, and its aviator design makes it very beautiful. Specially comparing to most of the night glasses on the market, most of them are quite ugly! With this Clearview, I am safer driving at night and I also look good 🙂

I´ve purchased my ClearView on the company’s official website. The purchase was made without hassle, quickly and in a very safe environment. The glasses took about 11 days to arrive at my house, and during the delivery process the company provided all information regarding delivery in a timely manner.


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