Drone XPro Review

blade 720What is the Drone XPro? It is a new portable drone equipped with several sophistications: it has a High Resolution camera, optical flow sensors and intelligent maneuvers control.

The XPro is designed to be portable. And with that, it was not necessary to sacrifice any of the main benefits: It is stable in the air, it is easy to fly and records videos in high resolution in our smartphone.

Features of the drone XPro

Camera: equipped with one 720p HD camera to record video or take high resolution photos;

Remote control: Included 2.4 GHZ folding remote control, which attaches to your mobile phone to so you can view the images and video during the flight;

Optical Flow Sensor: Device that stabilizes the camera during flight, allowing clear images and videos under any circumstances;

Compatibility: Compatible with any Android phone or OS (Apple) system;

Dimensions: With the blades folded, the dimensions are 6.2cm x 4.9cm x 3cm, which makes the drone super portable.

Weight: 85 grams

Range: 70 meters

Max Speed: 50 mph

Drone XPro: Design and Functionality

From the moment I removed the drone from the packaging, I could see that this drone XPro is very compact and is a quality gadget. According to the manufacturer “The rotors are foldable to make the drone compact. That means you can take it on all your trips to take great photos!”

What’s included in the box:

1 Drone XPro;
1 charger cable (cable only, because you charge on any USB port);
1 battery;
4 spare propellers;
User manual.

The body of the drone XPro is made of a very lightweight plastic that seems to have high durability.


But if you’ve never flew a drone before, this XPro drone is very good option for you to start, without being afraid to hit it during thes first flights and break it!

I literally took it out of the box, read the manual, charged the battery, downloaded the drone APP on my phone, activated the APP, and started to fly. It is very easy to control this drone even if you have no experience.

The features of the Drone XPro are:

Smartphone Control: Connect the drone to your phone of any operating system;

Stability Sensors in Altitude: Altitude hold: it hovers in the air in a very stable way;

Headless Mode: You can fly it in any direction;

Portable Design: the propellers are foldable, which makes it fit in your pocket.

Gesture Control: I can simply draw the flight path I want on my smartphone display and the drone will execute it.

1-key Auto-Return: it returns to the starting point with the push of a button.

Virtual Reality Mode: Yes, it does have VR mode enabled!


blade 720 review

It is compatible with any Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Sony and Iphone cell phone. I have a Motorola Moto G2 phone, and I was able to connect the XPro on the remote to monitor the flight without any difficulty, I just needed to install the XPro APP to connect it to my smartphone.

Super stability: The manufacturer says that the drone is very stable and does not fall with any impact.

blade 720 drone

drone blade720 review

drone 720 price

What is my take on XPro?

This is a drone for those who enjoy outdoors activities, and this small drone can do basically anything you’d want a portable and super-equipped drone to do.

You can use it to:
– Have fun piloting a super agile drone. 50 mph is very fast speed for a drone in the air;
– Take semi professional aerial photos of family and friends;
– Make semi professional aerial videos shots;
– Use during the holidays, at a Camping, during the weekend;
– See aerial shots in real time while you fliy the drone.

And the XPro does very well in all these different circumstances, and in many others. I think the benefits of the drone, especially the price that is quite cheap for a drone of that level, were worth what I have paid.

I was looking for similar drones in the market, and those that had the XPro features are in the $ 500 range. I did not pay half of that on this drone, that’s because the manufacturer has a 50% discount sale on its official website.

Where to buy?

I purchased the Drone XPro on the company’s official website, one of the largests distributors of drones and entertainment products around the world. My purchase was made without any hassle, it was quick and on a secure site. The drone took about 11 days to get to my house. Yes, it took a while, but it was worth it, for the price and for the product itself. The company provided me with all the data regarding delivery and I did not have any problems during the whole process.