EcoHeat S Review: What is my take on this heater?

ecoheat sEcoHeat S is a compact space heater that heats any room in your home without taking up too much space and without significantly increasing your energy bill. It’s small enough to take to the office or on the road.

This black heater with its digital temperature display connects to any electrical outlet and circulates heat through an entire room up to 850 square feet (79 square meters). With only a few inches wide, this heater takes not too much space regardless of where you put it.

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My Review About Eco Heat S

Due to its thermo-ceramic design, EcoHeat S circulates heat in a powerful way through its three-speed fan, despite its small size. After adjusting the desired temperature through its thermostat, the appliance will ensure that the heat circulates throughout its environment, making it warm and cozy.

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The last thing I want when trying to work or relax is a noisy heater in the background, and this small EcoHeat is very quiet.

One issue that I used to have with other heaters, is that they would not deliver heat to wide sections of a room. Thanks to its oscillation feature, EcoHeat S covers a 70-degree angle, by simply pressing the “TURN” button to move hot air from side to side.

EcoHeat S Features

Digital Display: on top side of the heater, so you can easily identify the temperature of your room.

Fast Heating: heats up in just 2 seconds thanks to the advanced PTC ceramic heating element.

Simple On / Off Process: Although you can set a timer for your heater to automatically turn on, you can also turn it on and off manually by switching the red button located on the right side.

Stay cool to the touch: You do not have to worry about burning your fingers if you accidentally touch the heater because it is always cool to the touch.

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Portable: If you are going somewhere cold, you will have no problem bringing the EcoHeat S with you as it is small enough to fit in a backpack. In addition to using it in a hotel room or someone else’s home, you can also use it in a trailer or in a camp with electricity. Even if you are going to the office, you may want to carry it if you tend to feel cold at your desk.


It is safe: It has an auto-off safety feature that means it is protected against overheating as well as it has tip over protection.

Ideal for any type of room: Since it can heat up to 79 square meters, this heater will likely be able to provide heat to the entire room without major problems.

It can be annoying to get out of the shower and step on a cold bathroom floor. Fortunately, making use of this heater  warms up your bathroom with extra heat so that stepping on the cold floor is not a problem. With the heater on, your hair can even dry faster than it usually dries!

ecoheat s review

Useful in Working Rooms: If you tend to spend a lot of time in a room working on projects, connecting EcoHeat S will make the environment comfortable and enjoyable for you. Also, if you like to work on projects in your garage, you can use one of these to heat that area as well.

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How EcoHeat S is Different from Competitors

The EcoHeat S is a compact personal heater that plugs into any common outlet. This device features a digital display screen, on/off timer, two different fan speed settings and provides up to 1200 watts of heating energy.

EcoHeat S is much more compact than conventional heaters and does not take up space on the floor. It heats up to 79 square meters of space and is portable. This makes it great for home, office or travel.

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