Mosquitron – Does it really work?

mosquitron reviewThere are thousands of types of insect repellents on the market, but how many of them actually work and do what needs to be done? With recent outbreaks of malaria, dengue fever and the Zika virus, millions of people around the world have broken their heads to find an effective way to deal with the problem. And after this Mosquitron review, it looks like this product may do a great job keeping the bugs away.

Every year there are thousands of different diseases outbreaks that are transmitted by mosquitoes and these leeches are usually a huge hassle. This brand new invention uses UV light to attract insects and its integrated vacuum to suck them in when they are close enough. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to keep their home and garden free of annoying bugs.

Although chemical sprays and outlet repellents can work, they usually have a strong odor and may even harm our health. If a mixture of chemicals can immediately eliminate a mosquito, what can these products do to you when they are inhaled?

Moths, flies and mosquitoes are boring, unhealthy and depending on the species can even be deadly. This Mosquitron device can help you protect your house from insects?

Mosquitron Review: Why it is so revolutionary?

For several years, people relied on chemical sprays, lotions and pills to keep insects from bothering them in their own homes, backyards, and camps. It is known that an average household spends a substantial amount of money on the removal, control, repellents and poison of pests only to find that the problem does not disappear, and it simply worsens. And the worst part is: do you really know what’s in these pest-repellent chemicals? How can you be sure that you are not only killing pests but also harming your health?

We did research to look for an effective product that not only got rid of flies, mosquitoes and other pests but also made sure they were removed in a natural, fast, effective and chemical-free way. When we found Mosquitron, we realized there was something good out there.

Mosquitron works with power wall plugs, computer or power bank outlet via USB. As a result, you do not have to worry about batteries. Instead, just make sure you have a powerbank or a plug-in on hand and let Mosquitron do the rest.

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It attracts insects with its UV light and then kills them with phototaxia wavelengths. This without the use of a single chemical …


What does Mosquitron do?

Mosquitron does everything a typical chemical repellant canĀ“t: eliminate insects. If you have a problem with flies, moths and mosquitoes around your family causing inconvenience, Ultra Mosquitron can be an effective solution.

Inside the Mosquitron unit is a powerful fan and a blue UV light. Mosquitoes, flies and moths are attracted by this bright light, only to find out too late that it is a death sentence. They are sucked by the fan and then receive their last blows from the wavelength of the phototaxis, which is harmful only to insects.

To remove insects from the Ultra Mosquitron, simply unscrew the bottom of the unit and dump it in a trash can. He will be ready to go back to doing what he does best: protecting his family.

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One of the main reasons why the Ultra Mosquitron has been widely accepted is that it is portable.

The device is Bivolt, you plug into your wall socket at home, or you can use your powerbank or USB inputs as well. So you can take it anywhere – outside, on vacation, camping, in the car.


Ultra Mosquitron Review: Testing the device

Ultra Mosquitron is becoming a market leader, and many people are asking what makes Mosquitron review so powerful? It is clear and simple: its effectiveness.

Several repellents, zappers and different impediments were placed in the test. The citronella candles kept the mosquitoes away for only 19 minutes, while the moths and flies still remained. The fly spray eradicated the flies, moths and mosquitoes in the vicinity, but it was a health hazard and did not take care of newcomers. Repellents, on the other hand, were considered ineffective when put on test in an open environment during the breeding season.

After being in charge for a few hours, Mosquitron was put to the test. Around a glass of still water – which mosquitoes like very much – took care of 23 mosquitoes, eight flies and three moths in just nine minutes. In a typical camp, he kept all mosquitoes, flies and moths for a long period of time, before needing to go back to the USB charger for a few more hours.


Mosquitron Review: Features

Free of chemicals: uses UV light;

Hygienic and easy to clean;

Power supply: via USB – requires no battery – can be used anywhere;

Noise level: Quiet;

Range of action: 40 Meters;

Dimensions: 9 x 13 x 13 cm.

In conclusion, we can say that this device exceeded our expectations. We are happy with its effect and the quality of the product itself.


Ultra Mosquitron Review: Where to buy?

We made the purchase on the company’s official website, one of the largest distributors of technological devices worldwide. The purchase was made without difficulty, quickly and in a secure environment. The device took about 20 days to arrive, and during the delivery process the company provided all the information regarding the shipping process in a great way.

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