NeckMassager Review: Does it work for neck pain?

neckmassagerDoes NeckMassager work? Sitting during a whole working day long, it was very common for me to have neck pain at the end of the day, that discomfort, burning and tight muscles. On Fridays then it seemed that I had carried the world on my back and neck.

So, I ended up taking several different medications! Each doctor recommended a different treatment but none really provided a lasting relief. The pain even would go away for a while, but with the medication would come drowsiness, a feeling of tiredness and the pains never really disappeared.

And of course they would not go away! Because the medicine treats pain, but does not fix what is really causing the pain, which is poor posture! Of course, during 8 hours sitting, we move around looking for a comfortable position, the alignment of the spine is would be gone.

And what do we do to treat the problem? We appeal to everything! After all, living with daily neck and back pain makes people lose control over their own lives.

So after seeing an ad on internet, I decided to test Neck Massager to get rid of constant my neck pain. Here are my thoughts about it.

What is NeckMassager and how does it work?

NeckMassager is a massaging brace that fits around the neck with infrared technology to warm and stimulate the area for massaging.

This combination of magnets and vibrations stimulate the nerves and act in the focus of neck pain.

neckmassager reviews

neck massager reviews

NeckMassager targets certain areas around the neck to ensure the pressure points are treated. This pressure creates microcirculation which is great for my improving overall blood circulation and relax the muscles around my neck.

Its is very easy to use that anyone can do it. All I have to do is to place the brace around my neck, and switch the power button to “On”. It is that simple!

I just use the device for around 15 minutes each time, and that is enough to get rid of the pain that bothers me at that moment.

And yes, NeckMassager does work really well. When I use it, I get rid of my neck pain and that for itself is a blessing!

When wearing it feels very comfortable around the neck and I can use it whilst sitting or lying in any position. So I can use it while watching TV, resting in bed or even at work.

neckmassager review

I feel it relaxes my neck area almost instantly and the covered area is quite wide for a neck brace.

It works with 2 AAA batteries, that allows me to use it for up to 7 hours. It is a one-size-fits-all device because the NeckMassager arms are flexible, fitting comfortably and easily so it can be used by anybody in my family.

It also comes with 2 electrode pads to be used in different places as they soothe the area, so I can massage any part of my body.

Neck Massager

neckmassager price

Would I Recommend NeckMassager To A Friend?

What happened to me when I started to use NeckMassager was almost magical! By the fifth day of use, I noticed that I was way better and feeling muscular comfort in my neck and back.

Do you know that burning feeling in around your neck at the end of a workday full of repetitive movements? With the daily use of NeckMassager that feeling was gone! And for me the best thing about using Neck Massager is that it does not have the side effects common in pain medications.

My days started to be more productive due to the fact that I did not have the drowsiness or tiredness common in muscle relaxing pills, which left me looking like a zombie at work.

So yes, I would recommend NeckMassager to my friends who actually feel neck pain due to postural issues, because there is nothing worse than feeling constant pain day after day! And I sincerely hope that my experience will help you decide what to do to get rid of your neck pain.

How to Buy it?

When I bought NeckMassager I paid half the price because the site is offering 50% discount and free shipping. It took a while to arrive, about 8 days, but it was worth the wait because I really like NeckMassager. I bought it on the official website of the company that distributes it, so if you are going to buy it I recommend not to risk and buy from the official website to be sure the purchase is safe and delivery goes well.

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