Purefit Keto: How does it work?

Honestly, where I’m at today, I can’t imagine going back to a life of hunger spikes, mood swings, and being held hostage by carbohydrates. I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the worldwide phenonium that is the Ketogenic diet… about the benefits of Ketosis. And I agree, it’s an amazing way to live, but it wasn’t always as easy as it is for me today. If I’m being honest, I had an extremely hard time adjusting to the Ketogenic diet at first and almost gave up many, many times. That was until I found the ‘Purefit Keto Advanced Weight Loss’ solution, then everything changed.

What is a Ketogenic Diet, Exactly?

If you’ve heard of the Ketogenic diet but still don’t understand the concept fully, here it is in a nutshell…you eat healthy fats and little to no carbs. Your body starts to use those fats for energy instead of carbs and in turn your body converts your stored fat into energy for your body and you no longer need to eat carbs. This is called being in ‘Ketosis’. Ketosis is amazing for many reasons. You naturally eat healthier, you lose all hunger cravings, you have more energy and best of all you lose weight effortlessly.


Ketosis: How Does it Work?

In order to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates, your body creates what are called ‘Ketones.’ They are naturally created by your body during fasted states or in periods of low to no carb-intake. Ketones are what your body creates to supplement carbohydrates and burn fat instead. The state of using these Ketones for energy is what is referred to as Ketosis….

The result is an invigorated feeling, mental boost, increased energy and – maybe best of all – you start shedding fat immediately. Sounds awesome, right? Well, it is… until you get kicked out of Ketosis. That’s when things get difficult…

KEtosis explained
We’re all human. We need to enjoy ourselves once in a while, and we can’t all live a life of solitude… I mean avocados are amazing, but we all need a cheat-meal, every once in a while… right? I know I do. And what happens to your body’s state of Ketosis when you eat carbs? … it disappears. You see, carbs are easier for your body to burn for energy than fats. Think of your metabolism like a fire. Carbs – especially sugars – are like gasoline. One big explosion of energy and then you crash. Leaving you with intense hunger pains and irritability.

If you think along the same concept, fats are like good solid pieces of wood; long-lasting, sustainable energy. The only problem is your body is not as quick to adjust. Once your body starts processing carbs for energy it can take up to 2-weeks – sometimes longer – for your body to start converting fat into energy again!

There’s nothing more frustrating and discouraging than seeing real results with the Ketogenic diet and then one day you add one too many scoops of berries to your smoothie or decide to enjoy a piece of pizza with your friends and boom! Just like that your hunger spikes, irritability and low energy come back for another 2-weeks until you can get back into Ketosis. Boo!

Purefit KetoHere’s the Good News… Insert PureFit Keto Pills!

Personally, it was at this point in my own journey, that I would feel like just giving up on the Ketogenic diet. It would take me so long to get into Ketosis (for me it took around 2-weeks but I’ve heard cases of it taking a whole month!) … then one wrong move and I’m back to square one. 2-weeks of eating completely ‘Keto’ and not feeling satisfied the whole time. Terrible.

In this period your body is still trying to search for carbs for energy but can’t find any. The result is intense hunger, low energy and irritability – not to mention you’re not losing fat! Imagine having this go on for weeks at a time. Not fun.

This is where the PureFit Keto Pills as part of the ‘Purefit Keto Advanced Weight Loss’ program come in and save the day! You take just two pills a day with water and your body snaps back into Ketosis in no time! No need to put your life on hold for weeks at a time just to wait around for Ketosis to kick back in. You can now get back into Ketosis almost immediately!

And How do PureFit Keto Pills Work?

Without getting too scientific – because frankly I’m not too scientifically minded myself – the initial phase (2-4 weeks) of waiting for your body to get into Ketosis, is the time it takes for your body to create Ketones. PureFit Keto Pills contain what are referred to as exogenous Ketones; Ketones created from outside your body. It’s no different than taking a protein shake or Vitamin supplements. Your body needs Ketones, so give it Ketones.


Are they Natural? Are they Safe?

What makes PureFit Keto Pills so effective is also very simple. The PureFit Keto formula contains Beta-hydroxybutyrate; which is a fancy science term for the main type of Ketone your body creates when in Ketosis. These Ketones are 100% naturally occurring in your body. It’s no more dangerous than taking a Vitamin-C when you have a cold or Fish-oil for healthy joints.

So, we know that the Keto diet is awesome. And now YOU know that there is a way to get over that initial phase of waiting for Ketosis to kick in, which can be awful. But if you are anything like me, you’re probably asking yourself, “So I’m in Ketosis, but eat fat and lose weight… really?”

Yes! But being in a ketogenic state is not just helpful for fat loss, it also has a multitude of other benefits including:

Lack of appetite…in a good way – Have you ever gone a whole day, feeling great only to realize you haven’t eaten? If you’re someone that enjoys food, this is a great feeling. And if you’re anything like me, you enjoy playing catch-up even more!

Lose the water weight – By not carrying around excess sugar – the hormone that uses sugar as energy is lowered and your body starts to shed excess sodium; which makes you bloated. This means an immediate drop in water weight.

Lose fat from your belly – Belly fat or ‘visceral fat’ is the most dangerous to your health. A keto diet targets belly fat by improving metabolic issues your body is having from having to process too many carbs. This means not just losing weight, but losing that stubborn belly fat!

Reduces risk of heart disease – Burning fat means you actually get rid of the fat cells themselves. This means a reduced risk of heart disease, and you will keep the weight off easier.

No-more hunger spikes – Alleviating the body of excess blood sugar reduces hunger and mood spikes. This is why people describe being happier and more level headed on a Ketogenic diet. Because your body is no longer battling against hungerspikes.

Improved Brain function – Your brain can function off of Ketones as well. Your body is very adaptable and will create ketones specially for your brain. It has also been proven to aid in such brain diseases as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Reduces Inflammation – Because of the nature of the ketogenic diet you are not eating as many inflammatory foods. And most important of all… you’re not eating sugar! All of this reduces inflammation letting you exercise more freely and without pain. It’s a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning and go for a run when your legs aren’t aching!

Not a Diet, a Lifestyle

After trying PureFit Keto pills for a few days, I was amazed at how easy things got and how fast I would snap back into Ketosis. I could still live my life – with a little cheat meal here and there – without constantly having to worry about Ketosis. I would stick to the Ketogenic diet, and if it happened that I fell off, easy fix. I would just take two-pills with some water each day, and almost immediately I’d be back on track.

Try not to think of being in Ketosis as a diet, it’s a lifestyle! If you want to feel more energetic, focused and not have to deal with hunger spikes anymore, then stay in Ketosis … and if life happens, and you decide to go for that slice of pie when no one is looking – be honest, we all do it – no worries! You’ve got your PureFit Keto Pills to kick you right back in Ketosis in no time! This way, you can get back to living the life you love, the Keto-way!


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