Roseal CuteBear Review: Teddy Bear made of Foam Roses

Roseal Cute BearIf there is a gift I don’t regret buying to my gilrfriend is this Roseal CuteBear! A teddy bear made of roses.

I always have some trouble to buy gifts for the women in my live (please read my girlfriend and my mother!)

Giving always the same type of gifts is annoying, specially when the gift is for my girlfriend, because it makes me too predictable.

On any special date, buying shoes, purses or clothes become quite the same year after year. And the person I give the gitf has that “what a ok gift” reaction.

But last week, on my girlfriend’s birthday I did different… And I score some good points with her! I really thought outside the box and surprised her in a real nice way.

I saw this ad on the Roseal CuteBear, a bear made of foam red roses and I decided to give it a try and bought the teddy bear.

It took few days to get to my house, but it arrived before her birthday.

Romantic Gift Roseal CuteBear

The Roseal CuteBear arrived in a very nice and beautiful little transparent box, in a well protected package.

Roseal CuteBear

This the quality and color of this teddy bear are impressive. It is a bright red color, and the foam roses seem to be made of a nice and resistant material.

It is made of more than 200 roses and the design is just adorable and cute.

Roseal CuteBear review

When I saw the bear I just realized what a fantastic gift for my girlfriend it would be and I was sure she would love it.

It is actually way better than real roses, simply because the bear will last few years at least, in opposite to a roses bouquet that would last 1 or 2 weeks max.

My Girlfriend’s Reaction to Roseal CuteBear

My girlfriend is not too emotional, and she will hardly cries… But once she opened the gift I bought her and she saw the teddy bear Roseal CuteBear, she was in tears!

 Roseal CuteBear reviews

The thanked my so many times, kissed me in a very emotional way… She was really touched by the gift I gave her.

For sure she felt appreciated and honestly I felt great… After a long while giving her boring gifts, I scored some big points with the Roseal CuteBear.

And that made me feel good!

Since my girlfriend love the bear, it was worth every single penny I´ve spent on it!

Where to Buy?

The teddy bear Roseal Cutebear is an excellent gift to that special woman you love: your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister.

The bear has a great quality and it is cute, cuddable and romantic. So it is a good way to change a bit your next gift.

I purchased the Roseal CuteBear from the company’s official website. They offered Free Shipping and the purchase was made without difficulties, quickly and in a safe environment. The teddy bear took about 7 days to arrive, and during the delivery process the company provided all information regarding delivery very fast.

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