ShowerSpa Review: My take on this Ionized Shower Head

On this post I will tell you my opinion about the ShowerSpa, a ionized shower head that I got few weeks ago.

The ShowerSpa is supposed to purify water and increase pressure at the same time, but I can tell you in advance it is one of the best shower heads I’ve ever tried. Let me tell why…

First, the building quality is outstanding! Really this shower head are very well-built head and it looks way more expensive than it actually is. The body of the ShowerSpa is made of aviation-level transparent plastic, so it isn’t heavy at all.

This shower head multiplies few times the water pressure, and this makes the stream feels like a massage. It is a hard to describe, but it is a great experience taking a shower using this head as it gently massages the skin. This feels really nice, specially after a stressful day.

It has these little ionic mineral balls, that not only helped boost my water pressure but also filter out harmful contaminants like chlorine and limescale. These mineral balls also help conserve water, so I’m saving money… and helping the environment.

What I love most about the shower head is the three modes that it comes with. I can choose the modes rainfall, jet, or my personal favorite, the massage. To select between modes is just a single switch that I can change with just one hand.

Also, it is very easy to install. All I had to do was to unscrew the old head I had in my bathroom, and screw the ShowerSpa head in the same hose I had. That was all.

From the moment I installed the ShowerSpa, I got a great water pressure on both of my bathrooms, what is really nice because I always had struggled with water pressure at home.

But the cool thing it that this ShowerSpa has a built-in LED light inside and it makes the water colorful. The LED is hydroelectric powered, and there is no battery or wiring: the water pressure activates the LED.

ShowerSpa Benefits

The manufacturer states that ShowerSpa offers the below benefits:

More pleasant skin: Ionic mineral particles purify water from pipe residue, making the skin more smooth and silky to the touch.
Stronger and softer hair: Negatively-ionized particles make the hair stronger, while keeping the hair fiber soft.
A healthier lifestyle: ShowerSpa’s bio-active mineral balls filter out toxic substances from the water, significantly lowering the chance of unpleasant skin conditions.

These are hard to measure benefits, but since I got the ShowerSpa I could feel my skin and hair becoming way better looking and softer.

What is my take on ShowerSpa?

I just love this Showerspa, it is well built, great quality, the water pressure now is just great and the shower mode “massage” just provides a nice experience.

But what I like the most is the price! For less than 50 dollars I got this ionized shower head that purifies and increases water pressure. This is a lot of value for your money.

I was looking for similar heads in the market, and those that had the ShowerSpa quality are in the $120 range. I did not pay half of that on this head, that’s because the manufacturer has a 50% discount sale on its official website.

Where to buy?

I purchased the ShowerSpa on the company’s official website. My purchase was made without any hassle, it was quick and on a secure site. The head took about 9 days to get to my house. Yes, it took a while, but it was worth it, for the price and for the product itself. The company provided me with all the data regarding delivery and I did not have any problems during the whole process.