SilentSnore Review

Does SilentSnore work? Marrying someone who snores like my husband, will make anyone sleep bad every single night. Especially if you are a light sleeper as I am!

It turns out the snore not only keeps me from falling asleep, but the high volume also makes me wake up in the middle of the night.

And a bad night of sleep keeps me exhausted. Getting up from bed in the morning makes me to feel terrible, after all, I actually don´t rest at night and my body just feels tired for the whole day that comes.

Looking for a solution to stay married and to get some good sleep, I found SilentSnore on the internet. But at first I wondered if this device could help my husband’s snoring issues.


SilentSnore is a small silicone nose clip. The person who snores should use it into the nose to stop snoring. Simple as that!

silentsnore review

Such a small device being so effective seemed like one of those promises… But, desperate for a night of good sleep, I decided to test it.

SilentSnore is not a treatment! Going to the doctor, doing check-ups and looking for solutions did not really solve my husband’s snoring.

Only SilentSnore was able to give me back my quiet and long nights of sleep. It just makes people to stop snoring immediately after placement. What does not happen when you are doing exams, changes in diet and lifestyle.

silent snore review


SilentSnore should be placed into the nose before bed. Once it is placed, the nasal opening is expanded by the clip. So the air flows easily through the nose and my husband no longer needs to open his mouth to breathe at night.

silent snore

And just like that his snore simply stops! After all, breath flows so he can sleep quietly all night.

The clip contains magnets on its ends so there is no risk that it will move inside the nose at night. What is good so he has peace of mind to sleep with the device into his nose.


Since I bought SilentSnore to my husband, I just recovered of my quality of life.

Not sleeping is stressful and exhausting, and affects all areas of life, whether in the relationship or at work.

I was the kind of person who always seemed tired and somewhat unhappy, and that was killing my marriage.

When SilentSnore arrived and my husband started to use and stopped snoring, my life changed! Having good nights of sleep back made a total difference in my daily routine, improving my quality of life and my mood.


Silent Snore is easy to use and quite comfortable according to my husband. Because it is a silicone ring, the clip is very flexible. Which ensures comfort to sleep the entire night with inside the nose.

In addition, to keep the ring always clean it is comes within a reusable case. So it can be kept in its case during the day on the nightstand, or be carried on any trip.


Being visible and close to the bed makes it easier for my husband to remember to place it before sleeping.

As I mentioned before, SilentSnore has two magnets at its ends that ensure it does not move at night. So when the person moves, it remains fixed and comfortable, preventing the device to move and waking up who is using it.

It appears to be made of good quality materials, which guarantees durability for both the device itself and the case. 

To clean the clip, simply place it into warm water! Thus, all the dirty is gone and the appliance is ready for use.


Inf fact I actually had an improvement in my lifestyle when my husband started to use SilentSnore. So I recommend it to all who have the any type of snoring issue.

Besides ending my husband´s snoring problems, SilentSnore is easy to buy. I bought it online at the official website. The purchase process was safe and simple, and it arrived at home very fast.

This device was the solution of my issues with my husband’s snoring.