Super Boost Wifi iBooster Review

Super Boost Wifi iBoosterDoes Super Boost Wifi iBooster really work? Here at home the WiFi signal was a real problem!

There are those spots in the house where the distance from the modem is far and even though internet was available, the devices just wouldn’t connect because the signal was bad. That always happened in some parts of the house.

Obviously that was an hassle for the whole family. Because the computers and phones worked slowly due to poor connection or simply would not work in some corners of the house.

Super Boost Wifi iBooster: What is it?

Annoyed by video and movie crashes due to bad connection when I tried to watch them online, I started looking for a solution to have a better internet connection than I was using.

Researching online I found this Super Boost Wifi iBooster device, developed by an expert, the gadget looked like it could be the solution for the internet at home.

In the market it is possible to find routers and even signal repeaters, however, these equipments were not good enough to avoid the “dead spots” in my house, those places of the house where the internet does not work.

Wifi iBooster seemed to have been developed with an effective technology that could avoid these points.

So I decided it was time to buy one in order to test at my home and try to use the internet quality for which I pay every month. I saw an ad on the internet and ended up buying it.

wifi ibooster review

How Does Wifi iBooster Work?

I am no internet expert, but from what I can understand Super Boost Wifi iBooster gets the signal from the Wi-Fi already in the house and increases its connection capacity. Thus, the Wi-Fi signal reaches any corner in the house, even if the router is many walls from where I want to use the internet.

Super Boost Wifi

In addition, Wi-fi iBooster blocks data usage reporting to the ISP. This causes the speed of the internet to increase.

The product does not require installation by a specialist. When the device arrived at home, I simply plugged the Wifi iBooster into the power outlet, set up my home Wifi on the device, and that was it: I started using high-speed internet access throughout the house. I didn’t even have to use cables, which was really practical.

That movie I wanted to watch lying on my couch, using my smart tv that always crashed, just stopped crashing! In fact, the product surprised me because it worked as described in its advertising.

My review of Super Boost Wifi iBooster?

I am very pleased with Wifi iBooster. The internet has really improved a lot at home, and now I feel that I make good use of the internet package I pay every month.

Best of all, with this device, I didn’t have spend more money on a better internet plan or go through any trouble once I bought it.

Wifi iBooster is small and portable. It looks aesthetically like the repeaters that are sold on the market.

However, Wifi iBooster is really more efficient as it is a high quality product using the latest connectivity technology.

Being tiny and efficient, I plug it into any outlet in the house, or on a USB output, and forget about it. It does not get overheated or has any problems if used continuously.

Super Boost Wifi iBooster review

On the device itself there are some lights indicating it is on and another indicator that tells you if there is Wi-Fi signal to be replicated.

The display lights up green when everything is working properly and in cases where the internet of the house goes down, the display lights up red to indicate something is wrong.

How To Buy Wifi iBooster

As I mentioned before, I purchased the Wifi iBooster at the official product website. The purchase was secure and the product arrived all right here at home. Queue free and any other hassle that is getting around to buy this kind of device.

wifi ibooster review

The product took 10 days to arrive. In my opinion it took a while, but the wait was well worth it. Solved the internet problem at home that was already driving me crazy: dead spots and slow internet.

Now I have fast internet in every corner of the house. For me, it was really worth the investment!