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colour smartwatchWhat can I tell you about my experience with Colour Watches? It is a smartwatch that helps you to monitor your body’s vital functions. Whether you are an active person o not, you can monitor your pulse, blood pressure and basal metabolism, among other key values to assess your health.

And that is what I wanted: A cool and stilish gadget that would help me to monitor my health, so I could enjoy a better quality of life. And for this purpose, Colour Watch is very useful.

Features of Colour Watch

Health Monitor: It can function as a blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs monitor.
Water Resistant.
Compatibility: It is compatible with devices that use Android or OS (Apple) to synch data and applications.
GPS: It is possible to track my physical activities and distances traveled.
Organize your life: Access on the watch your calendar notifications, data transfer, incoming calls and notifications from applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Emails etc.

Technical Specifications:

  • Screen size: 0.96” / 2.5cm;
  • Resolution: 96*64;
  • Battery: Removable 120mAh;
  • Dials: Multiple dials;
  • Memory: 128MB RAM.


Colour Watches: Design and Functionality

From the time I unpacked my watch, I could see that the Colour Watch is quite elegant and has beautiful design. According to the manufacturer, “Colour Watch is packed with the latest technology to provide you with a range of useful features, especially for those who want to monitor their health or to practice outdoors activities.”

The body of the Colour Watch is made of a carbon-coated, water resistant, and the glass is visible even with directly incident sunlight.

colour watches test

You can use it as:

  • A fitness monitor to count steps, distance and calories;
  • Mesure blood pressure and heart rate;
  • To monitor application notifications;
  • Receive calls notifications;
  • Receive Apps notifications.
  • It is compatible with any Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Sony and Iphone cell phone.

I have a Motorola Moto G5 phone, and I was able to connect my Colour Watch to receive calls and notifications from my cell phone without any difficulty.

This watch is available in lots of colors. In fact I bought 2 watches: Red and Black and Yellow and Black. For me, those are the the easiest colors to match a day by day outfit.



colour watches price

Should You Buy a Colour Watch?

This is a watch for those who like monitor your health, lose weight or who want to keep active outdoors, this watch can do basically anything you’d like a SmartWatch to do.

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colour watches review

You can use it:

  • To work
  • To exercise at the gym
  • To Swim
  • To ride a bike
  • To go on trails
  • To go running

This watch just goes very well in all these different circumstances.

colour watches

And one of the main reasons that this watch is a great deal is its price. It is super cheap for a SmartWatch … Before, if you wanted a good smart watch, you would have to spend at least US$300,00. For my Colour Watch, I did not pay half of that.

Bottom line, I am very happy with this watch, and because of it I am always on top of my vital functions. I do not have any complaints at all.

Where to buy?

I´ve purchased my Colour Watches on the company’s official website, the distributor of this SmartWatch worldwide. The purchase was made without hassle, quickly and in a very safe environment. The watch took about 10 days to arrive, and during the delivery process the company provided all data regarding delivery in a very timely and committed manner.

>> Click Here To Buy Color Watch at the Official Website <<

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