ProperFocus Review: Are these eyeglasses good?

Is ProperFocus really good? Designed to be comfortable, ProperFocus is an adjustable, affordable eyeglasses that helps you have a clear sight.

That way, you don’t have to spend a fortune ordering reading glasses. ProperFocus lenses allow you to adjust the focus to read any detail.

Its technology is completely different from the traditional glasses we are used to. For this very reason, it adapts to your need, without having to go to the doctor to order specific glasses.

ProperFocus is recommended as reading glasses for cases of hyperopia (near vision blurred), ie for those who have difficulty reading texts on cell phones, books, magazines, labels etc.



  • Unisex, the product is discreet and can be used in everyday life;
  • They are resistant, to avoid breaking even in case of twisting;
  • Elegant design;
  • Perfectly adjustable, to focus on what you need to read.


Most glasses are discreet, as is ProperFocus. However, it has a great differential: it has adjustable focus.

It is resistant, so when you buy yours, you have peace of mind that a small hit won’t break your glasses.

properfocus review

This is a huge inconvenience in normal glasses. With daily use, it is very common for a lenses to come loose or the glasses to break.

ProperFocus was designed to be adaptable. On its side, there are adjustable buttons that allow the user to adjust the focus of each lens independently.

That way, when the focus is set, you can view even the smallest details, both near and far.

In addition, the design looks a lot like traditional glasses, which are sold in specialized stores.

Therefore, you can use it without drawing attention, ensuring that you can adapt your lens to see any pertinent details during your day.


The adjustable buttons in ProperFocus are easy to control. Just turn the button and it will change the focus for that lens.

With a button on each side, ProperFocus lets you read every little detail you want. That way, nothing goes unnoticed before your eyes.

And precisely because it is adjustable, ProperFocus can be used for reading and also during your physical exercises routine.

Just wear your glasses to adjust the zoom you want for each eye, without any difficulty.

properfocus works

Allowing you to adjust the view according to your need, you will always see what you want to read. Avoiding embarrassment or difficulties in your daily life. Even those smaller letters on product labels will be easy to read using ProperFocus.


As promised in advertising, ProperFocus is indeed a versatile product. It is the type of gadget you can use to go to the supermarket, work or just walk around.

You know those little letters on the food label in the supermarket? It can help you see these details easily.

properfocus eyeglasses

And in fact, the product has a good cost benefit, as it is an item that can be adjusted and is not easy to break.

Even those who have a history of breaking some glasses can bet on these glasses. The product was designed precisely so that it can be used in everyday life.

If you are searching for eyeglasses with excellent cost benefit, ProperFocus can be what you are looking for.

In addition to helping you see better, the product is extremely practical and safe for your vision. Avoid wasting time and money going to the doctor, then going to an optician and finally waiting for your new glasses to arrive.

With ProperFocus, you can see everything you need without having to go through all this bureaucracy and waste of time.


I tested ProperFocus for grocery shopping and also at a walk on the street. It is efficient at what it promises! The product is really capable of expanding the ability to view fine print and details.

During use, the product did not bother my face. It works just like a traditional glasses model, with the advantage of being adjustable.

If you want more focus, just turn the button and the focus will be clear. It is as practical as it looks and because it is durable, it has a good cost benefit, so I believe it is a great product.

Those looking for a product that adapts to their routine, is accessible and helps to read smaller letters, can count on ProperFocus. You can use it when:

  • Going for a walk;
  • Going to the supermarket;
  • When you want to read the morning newspaper;
  • When exercising;
  • That reading you like to do throughout the day.

After all, whenever there is a need, just adjust the focus to see exactly how you should.


Affordable, built with great quality materials, durable, adaptable and unisex, ProperFocus is a good product to relly on.

Especially if you are in that phase in life that you need to place a book or newspaper further away to read and complain that your arm is short or the letters too small.

ProperFocus can really help you to prevent this complaint from being part of your daily life.

Where can you buy it?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of ProperFocus, you can buy yours online. Ensuring no hassle and the safety it will arrive at your home, with quality and ready for use.


Amber Wagner

Amber Wagner writes about home and lifestyle gadgets with a focus on helping you get the most out of your appliances and has written about a wide range of subjects, including interior design, healthy eating and unboxing. Amber spend some time with the product to describe an early sense of what it’s like to use and intends to continue in this vein until no one in the world needs a review to decide about buying a gadget!

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