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smartsanitizerDoes SmartSanitizer work? It is a dangerous time right now. With the outbreak of Conoravirus COVID-19, cities are being locked down, prohibiting residents from leaving their homes except to meet basic needs including visiting the doctor, or buying groceries or medicines, all caution with health is necessary.

Our personal belongings such as earbuds, jewelry, watches and specially smartphones, are well known carriers for germs, bacterias and viruses, like COVID-19.

We frequently touch these objects with your hands, that most of the time are not clean, and therefore we contaminate them. So we need to clean these objects on a regular basis, in order to make them safe for our own use.

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Our SmartPhones are a special case. We spend a good amount of our days with the phone in our hands, and that makes its surface full of germs that causes several diseases. It is not uncommon after touching our cell phone, we place our hands on face, mouth, grab a snack to eat. All that without properly cleaning our hands. On top of that, we keep sharing your phone with other people.

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To picture how dirty is our cell phone, just imagine that we use it while in the bathroom, in the public transportation, while shopping etc…

With all this in mind, and considering the COVID-19 world pandemic, we need to be extra careful with smartphones and not make them a disease spreading channel.

Because of this , I searched online for ways to keep my SmartPhone clean, and one device got my attention, the SmartSanitizer Pro.

What is SmartSanitizer Pro and how does it work?

SmartSanitizer is a small sterilizing box with a medical-grade UV sanitizing light, designed to sterilize personal objects.

It is possible to sterilize any item that fits the box, such as:

– SmartPhones
– Earbuds
– Watches
– Jewelry
– Masks
– Eye glasses

smartsanitizer review

It has a lid that I can open its place my personal objects inside. Once the lid is closed and the device is plugged in in power source, such as an power outlet or a USB port, it lights up the UV sanitizing light inside and start the cleaning process.

So all I have to do is to keep the objects inside SmartSanitizer for 6 minutes, and they become free of germs, bacterias and viruses that cause diseases.

Of course I can’t show how effective is this SmartSanitizer in cleaning a smartphone, because we are talking here about microscopic stuff, but it is common knowledge that UV light is a very effective way of eliminating germs and bacterias from surfaces.

I bought the SmartSanitizer Pro few days ago, and it gave me peace of my to use my smartphone at this time of drastic measures.

SHOULD YOU BUY SmartSanitizer Pro?

Given what is currently happening right now not only in our country, but in the world, any help to keep a good hygiene and avoiding getting sick is welcome.

So if you want to protect your health, and the ones you love, than SmartSanitizer is a great buy.


I purchased SmartSanitizer Pro on the company’s official website. The purchase was made very quickly on the site that has encryption and enhanced security. The SmartSanitizer took approximately 7 days to arrive at my house, and during the logistics and delivery process the company provided all the arrival time data in a very timely and efficient manner.


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