ThermoSense Thermometer Review: Is it any good?

thermosenseWhat can I tell you about my experience with ThermoSense? With this virus outbreak we are going through, I’ve been measuring everybody’s temperature here in my house, for signs of fever, specially my 2-year-old daughter.

And honestly it is a pain to use standard thermometers that take 3 to 4 minutes to measure the temperature in order to check if somebody has any sign of fever. If I have to do it few times a day with everybody at home, this just becomes a hassle.

So that is what I wanted: A fast, accurate and easy to use Thermometer,  that would help me to monitor precisely my family’s health, so we could feel safer. And for this purpose, ThermoSense is very useful.

What is ThermoSense?

It’s a infrared thermometer created to safely measure the body temperature without touching. It‘s lightweight, portable, and easy to use,  which makes everything better in these difficult days we are facing right now.

Once it is set up, all I need to do to measure somebody’s temperature is simply to point the ThermoSense to the person’s forehead, push of one button and I am able to get its temperature instantly on a bright, easy to read LCD display.

Actually I love the semaphore LCD display because it makes it better to see if something wrong is going on: Green light means the temperature is ok and there is no fever; Yellow light means mild fever and I need to keep watching; and Red light, it is fever and I need to seek help.

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Features of ThermoSense

Touch-free: Temperature measurement with no risk of contamination;

Fast: Measurements in less than 1 second;

Portable and lightweight: Carry around everywhere you need;

Environment temp measurement: Checks also the temperature of rooms and household objects;

Data history: Keeps track of the history of temperature changes;

Measurement System:  Temperatures in F° or C°.

ThermoSense: Design and Functionality

From the time I unpacked my thermometer, I could see that the ThermoSense is quite nice and has beautiful design. According to the manufacturer, “ThermoSense is packed with the latest technology to provide you with a fast and accurate temperature measurement for those who want to monitor their health.”

You can use ThermoSense to:

  • Check a person temperature and verify if there is fever;
  • Measure room temperature;
  • Measure objects temperature;

And the great thing is that all that can be done without touching, what is very important nowadays to avoid spreading virus, bacterias and germs in general.

thermosense review

It is wireless as it works with a long lasting battery.

Should You Buy ThermoSense?

If you want to keep you and your family safe, yes you should buy it. Specially if you have children in your place, as I do, a device like ThermoSense is mandatory as it really makes easier to keep track of your kids’ health.

If you have babies, you need to constantly track their temperature no matter what. So with ThermoSense you can do it without touching your daughter or son, and do it with while they are sleeping, without disturbing them.

With the “Physical” button you can use ThermoSense to check your your baby’s bathwater, formula, or food, to make sure they are safe.

Also, if you have older people at home, they also demand a lot more care, and temperature verification is very important. With ThermoSense, you can spend way less time performing these constant temperature checks.

This thermometer just goes very well in all these different circumstances.

And one of the main reasons that this ThermoSense is a great deal is its price. It is super cheap for this type of high tech thermometer … Before, if you wanted a thermometer like this, you would have to spend at least US$200,00. For my ThermoSense, I did not pay half of that.

Bottom line, I am very happy with this thermometer, and because of it I am always on top of my family and my vital functions. I do not have any complaints at all about it.

Where to buy?

I´ve purchased my ThermoSense on the company’s official website, the distributor of this thermometer worldwide. When I got mine, there was a 50% discount and Free Shipping being offered. The purchase was made without hassle, quickly and in a very safe environment. The thermometer took about 7 days to arrive, and during the delivery process the company provided all data regarding delivery in a very timely and committed manner.

>> Click Here To Buy ThermoSense at the Official Website <<

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